Culture and People

The success of GMI is the result of hard work, dedication, talent and passion. Today, the Group has more than 1,000 employees in Italy and abroad. The Group believes that its culture is among its best innovations. Over time, its management has changed the culture of the company: a place for the exchange of ideas and collaboration, where the client is an absolute centrality. At every stage of GMI’s growth and evolution corresponds the constant determination to make the workplace a dynamic and welcoming environment. The individual talent is considered essential heritage of GMI, which therefore offers every employee equal opportunities for growth. People are the key to reach the Group’s business goals and full success. GMI is constantly looking for talented resources and offers numerous and interesting career opportunities.

Work environment

Gruppo Manifatture Italiane is a pleasant place to work. The Group’s culture attaches great importance to the integrity of commercial actions and to the balance between work and private life. GMI regularly evaluates the services offered and provides support training, promotes diversity in career paths and encourages the initiative.
In return, the Group expects active participation, commitment and sense of loyalty. GMI aims to maintain over time a working environment that encourages people to contribute to the company’s success.

Career opportunities

The Group aims to take on the best resources, ranging from the most technical ones to figures with managerial skills, ensuring the resources with talent and preparation important career opportunities. GMI attaches great importance to professional qualities and capacity for initiative, aiming to develop all levels of competence. The Group aims to establish a work environment which promotes skills development.

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